Monday, 23 September 2013

Rainbow Gecko Gallery Handmade Spray Dyes

Hi Readers, 
I thought I'd share with you whats been happening in my art studio over the past week. One of the things I have been playing with has been making my own sprays.

What you need
Empty spray bottles
Food dyes in whatever colours you like
Something to spray onto, fabric or paper

Very simply all I did was pour a little dye into the bottom of each bottle and slowly add water. Test your sprays until you have your desired colour. 
Spray bottles I bought online, you can use ones you have at home.
The food dyes I used, purchased from the supermarket.
Here is my first test page, the colours I have used are Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, I also made a Purple. I used Artsyville Washi Tape to identify the colours, and it also looks pretty. 
Of course the first thing I had to do was make RAINBOWS. This is sprayed onto copy paper.
Sprays on baby wipes and watercolour paper. 
This is my clean up paper after spraying on top of it, I will use this for collage.
Using stencils and sprays.
A fabric clean up sheet, this is done by printing with all my left over paints and spray overflow.

Butterfly detail on fabric. 
Stamping detail on fabric.
Stencilling detail on fabric. 
This is the final result of the fabric piece. I will most likely cut this piece up and sew into journal covers, bags and pencil cases. There are limitless ideas you can make with your finished piece.  
You want your sprays to be bright when they are wet as I have found once dry they with fade a little bit. You don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy art supplies, look through crafty eyes and see what you can use from around your home.
Thank You 
Rainbow Gecko Gallery


  1. Wonderful! Great colours from such a simple supply ...Thank you for sharing. Love all your samples, especially the stenciled pieces.

  2. That's it I am ready to go tp the grocery store and buy some good coloring! Love your creativity with them!