Monday, 16 September 2013

Rainbow Gecko Gallery Artist Statement

Hi Readers, 
I wanted to share with you, why my brand is called Rainbow Gecko Gallery. First though let me introduce myself.....My name is Sarah, I am 33 and i live in Tasmania, Australia. I got serious about Mixed Media Art about a year ago and created Rainbow Gecko Gallery.
Where did the name come from? I have always loved Geckos and the colour Rainbow. Ever since i was about sixteen I wanted to get a tattoo of a Rainbow Gecko, Now in my personal opinion, I think tattoos are overrated, everyone has one. For me, I never thought I would get one. So why did I ? I got my tattoo as it is me, in the 10 years between knowing what I wanted and actually getting it done...THE DESIGN NEVER CHANGED....I have a 5cm rainbow gecko crawling up the back of my ankle...for anyone if you want a tattoo, choose your design, think about it for a few years, and then if you still want it..get it..make sure you are 100% happy with it. IT IS PERMANENT. 
My Rainbow Gecko Tattoo...

So after the tattoo a great friend of mine made me my surfboard which I designed a huge Rainbow Gecko on the front, and rainbow all down the back. It was amazing.
This is my Surfboard...shaped by Glen Johnson Gangsta Surf.

Hopefully this will help explain why my brand is Rainbow Gecko, now to explain the Gallery part....
I called it a gallery, not necessarily because I have a Gallery, but because of the Gallery of products I make...from Art, Jewellery, Photography, Stationery and more.....
Thank You
Rainbow Gecko Gallery


RAINBOW: Is my favourite colour, my art is bright, colourful and RAINBOW.
GECKO: Is my favourite animal, my power animal, a "solar powered" animal, just like ME.
GALLERY: For the range of products I create and make, it's a GALLERY from Photography,Jewellery, Art to Stationery, Bags, and Fabrics, a little bit of everything.

My works are free and expressive, always bright, metallic and glittery.
I use butterfly, flower and feather imagery, I create stamps, stencils and artist collage papers to use in my artworks.
I design, create, paint, draw, print, collage, sew and bead in my art and craft.
I am a learner, teacher, inspirer...

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