Friday, 6 December 2013

Rainbow Gecko Gallery Handmade Journal

Hi Readers, 
I love making art and I have all these blank art books, but it has been bugging me for a while that although I can make great artworks and cards, my "art books" are terrible. So I have come to the conclusion that I work best on single sheets not in books ( and im not overly fussed on the whole spiral bound journals ) Now in saying that I have been wanting to bind my own journal for a while now, and have really struggled in making my own. With Art Camp, Christmas, My Birthday and New Years coming up I wanted a journal  so I did it.....
I used cheap watercolour paper and collaged half of my papes front and back with my art table clean up pages. 

I then folded them in half, scored the fold, placed one collage piece and one plain to make the signatures. 

I used a cardboard cover and bound the signature to the cover.
By using the cardboard as a cover the thread did tear at the holes a little bit. this didnt bother me as i will be taping the spine and corners of the journal to make it a little more durable. 
There are many bookbinding tutorials online, find one that suits you and have a go.
I wanted my journal to be able to be expande so I made mine with a Folio type front, so as it expands I will still e able to secure it shut. 
Now as I am new to binding I had some gaps between my pages so I attached envelopes and pockets to hold collage pieces and a small blank mini book. Now its not perfect or totally finished, but it will be great for what I need it for and I think it's a good first attempt at binding a journal
Thank You
Rainbow Gecko Gallery


  1. It looks so yummy, love the cover Sarah!

    1. Thank you its still very much a work in progress:)

  2. love your blog!!! Write here more:):)

  3. Thanks Sandie, i always mean to time seems to get away from me....will do a post shortly:))