Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Handmade Stamps Tutorial

Hi Readers,
This is my first real post so I  hope you like it, I  want to share with you my artistic journey.
The techniques I  hope to share with you on this blog, hopefully will be ideas and techniques that you havent seen before. Thanks.


* A clear piece of acetate or clear laminated sheet
* Craft foam sheet
* Stencil knife and/or scissors
* Clear craft glue
* Cutting mat
* Pencil
* Stencil for tracing ( optional)

If using a stencil to make your stamp place it over the craft foam and trace it out with the pencil. Alternatively hand draw your stamp shape using the pencil. Depending on how intricate your stamp will be you can use the craft knife or the scissors to cut it out. ( remembering to use your craft mat )
Once you have your shape cut out, glue one side with the clear glue and place on the clear acetate/laminate sheet. Allow to dry thoroughly. Once dry cut around the stamp leaving about a one centimetre edge of clear sheeting. The reason I use a clear laminate sheet is you can see through it when you position it on the page. In my experience using these handmade stamps is that they are sturdy and durable. You can leave them soaking for cleaning and they last.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this... To watch the video please visit
Some of my handmade stamps....

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